PayPal Order Ahead -Search Interaction Design

Explanation of the interaction design for the Order Ahead section of the PayPal app.With the implementation of a 2-field search function into the app, many new use cases arose, and this document shows examples of designs to handle the main cases and several edge cases as well.

2016  PayPal

Open Order Ahead -Search Interaction Design PDF

Overview of Customer Identification Program

Overview of PayPal CIP project including the information architecture wireframes I created for planning the approach, and a summary of the project direction. 

2017 - 2018 PayPal 

Open PayPal CIP Project Overview PDF

Video showing end to end + walkthrough

2018 Discovery Project: Proof of concept flow - Use driver's license to more-quickly verify user's identity

Design goals: Explore DL barcode as a faster way to verify user's identity. Involves switching from browser to phone and back.

Design goals: Explore new ways to provide users access to more sections of the app. Current app scrolls but users do not realize the tiles below the fold.
Concept1 : try using a sliding tray to expand the app in ways that are more visible and discoverable.

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