"If you’re looking for an awesome Art Director, Denis is your guy. He has tons of experience leading projects and leading teams. He has led projects when the projects are not even his. -That’s the kind of guy he is. Never afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done; Denis is a down to earth person with a great sense of humor who will make every laugh. I have had the pleasure of working with Denis on a few small projects to get his opinion on them and his opinion proved so valuable that I can honestly say it helped me grow as a Designer. Any company would be lucky to have him as an Art Director!"

Terri Rodriguez-Hong
AustinCSI UX/ UI Designer at PayPal
Worked with Denis in different groups


"Denis was a valued member of the Engineering team at Acadia and VCE during his 5+ year tenure with us. I credit Denis for taking our rather uninspiring block-based graphical layouts of our products and turning them into highly sophisticated elevations and port maps that showed the varied dimensions of our products' physical attributes in a simple way that was easy to understand by our customers. In addition to this work, Denis always showed amazing creativity in developing wiki spaces and graphics for our projects and while I did not work with him on UI/UX design, I know he was a valued resource for that work as well. Denis is always easy to work with, has a great disposition, and a fantastic team player. Even though he was remote to most of us, he worked well with the team and was very effective on the projects. Denis is someone that I would happily work with again in the future, and I can recommend him whole-heartedly for similar positions. I am also sure there are other positions where his skills which we never tapped into would help the organization flourish as well!"

Scott Redfern
Senior Director, Product Management and Engineering
Dell EMC (formerly VCE) 5/2016
Worked with Denis in different groups


"I worked with Denis at VCE for almost three years. Denis was the principal graphic designer, supporting a team of at least ten writers. Denis always prioritized and managed his work, such that he always completed graphics requests on time and often early. On several occasions, Denis not only completed the requested task, but he applied additional work to enhance the project. 
Denis is very knowledgeable in graphics and user experience design. He has a good eye for what is most consumable for visual learning individuals and his work is always error free. In addition to Denis’s vast technical knowledge, he is highly approachable, is a team player, and has an eye for perfection – he accepts nothing less. 
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Denis and knew that when I had a graphics request, I was in good hands. Denis removed the anxiety and guesswork for my graphics requests, because I knew that his work was going to be beyond expectation and with perfect accuracy. I would enjoy and welcome the opportunity to work with Denis again."

Tami Love
Sr. Content Developer
Dell EMC (formerly VCE) 5/2016
Worked in same group as Denis


"While VCE was growing at a record pace, Denis was a steady voice and collaborator as we navigated the inherent complexities in developing graphic standards, new processes and digital tools for our department. His creativity, UX background, critical and methodical thinking were applied to every project. I would recommend Denis to anyone looking for an organized, dedicated and fun teammate. Quality assured, delivered on time, with a smile."

Anne Ashley
Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Worked in same group as Denis
Dell EMC (formerly VCE) 2/2016


"Denis did a great job in designing the application, presenting to principals and implementing his vision. He was able to integrate his design with a JSF skinning model that required advanced configuration. Denis was great with the customer and has a great sense of humor. The app looked great."

Bob Hedlund
Gorilla Logic
Worked on same project with Denis
Santa Clara County Finance Office 11/2010


"I Worked with Denis at Dorman Products. He was my manager when I was on the website team. As a manager Denis had a clear and precise idea of what he wanted and what was needed on every project. At the same time he was always open to input and new ideas from the team. In the event that something wasn't clear, Denis would make sure that it was carefully explained again and that any missing information was provided. He was a pleasure to work with and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future."

Fred "Gus" Gscheidle
Graphic Designer
Reported directly to Denis
Dorman Products 2/2010


"Denis worked for me as a user experience person. He did an excellent job translating my requirements into web pages and entire websites. He does a great job with wire frames and HTML pages."

Rodney Robinson
Co-founder and CEO at Tabapay
Was a client of Denis'
OboPay 2/2010

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