UX Design Case Study

Case Study 1: Verify ID with photo

Client: PayPal
-Rather than use data entry, can the user take a photo to validate their identity?

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Case Study 2: Sistino Website

Client: Art.com
-Is it possible to design and build a website in 3 weeks that will change the way people buy and sell art?

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Mobile App Design

Bubbles App
Planning user actions

The Bubbles app was designed for ages 3 and up, so it needed to be simple yet fun.

The actions are described in the document at left.

The app (still available on the Android market) was popular and fun. Though we designed it for kids, many adults contacted us saying how relaxing it was to spend a few minutes growing and popping bubbles.

The app was marketed as Bubbles and Bubbles Deluxe on Android. Bubbles deluxe allows users to display custom background images. On iOS, the app was marketed as Bubble Magic.

***** Bubbles Deluxe has over 1 million downloads *****

Additional screen shots and graphics below.

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Bubbles Deluxe

Bubble Magic

EMC Network Sniffer App

This iOS app was designed for the EMC sales team to show visitors to the VMware tradeshow how simply a mobile app could explore the user's network, and create an instant report of their existing hardware, which, when combined with some additional hardware components, and software to transform their data centers and get them into the cloud.

Bubble Magic App running on iPad

Bubbles Deluxe with custom background image

Bubbles Deluxe Ad with QR code

Using Format