Denis Sweeney

Design Philosophy

I believe in a simple and clean design aesthetic. Design should elevate the product and aid in understanding. Sometimes design can excite and enhance a concept, making the whole greater than any of the individual parts.


As an experienced Designer in the SF Bay Area. My BFA degree is from Tyler School of Art and over the last 10+ years I've worked for startups and public companies, small and large. The design work I’ve done includes graphics, UI and UX for a wide variety of companies, including: A10 Networks, Apple, Avaya, Cisco, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, HP, Oracle, PayPal, Sony Vaio, and Toshiba (among others).

Other Stuff

For fun, I enjoy photography (see/ read more below!), guitar, live comedy, swimming, hiking, and board games. Additionally, I’m active in a great local (now national) meetup group called UX Wizards of the South Bay

What Else?

Aside from UX design, I’m passionate about photography.

I’m fascinated by the way light changes through different times of day and at different times of the year;
Many of my photos try to capture the way time wears down things in nature and in the city.

Taking photos while traveling is a natural combination; I try to travel and explore whenever I can!

You can see some of my photos here, or click the links at the bottom of the page to see even more.

Sunrise in Los Gatos

Urban cityscape

Insect visitor

Sunset in Los Gatos

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